To be the premiere legal institution of higher learning as historically inspired that is responsive to the pedagogical needs of the changing times to be able to effect mass upliftment of the welfare of the Filipino people as they take on both the local and global challenges pervading all aspects of life.



As the first law school to bear the sole and sovereign name of the Philippines, her sons and daughters shall always live up to the supreme ideals of humanity in the field of legal education for the Filipino people and the global community to the end that each one may carry on the tradition of excellence in any legal undertaking consistent with truth and justice.


Company History:

It has been 97 years since the brothers Don Simeon and Don Ricardo Lacson of Silay, Negros Occidental, sons of Don Mariano Lacson and Dna. Emilia Conlu, founded this pioneer institution of learning, known as the Philippine Law School.


Througout the many years of its existence, it has produced well-known personalities of the country whom we can name with pride, having brought honors to our school.


The brothers Lacson had been practicing lawyers in their home province and here in Manila for many years and headed the Law firm, Lacson and Lacson. Both cherished the dream of establishing a school for the teaching of law to future leaders of our country. That dream became a reality when this Institution was founded in 1915. It was then located at Arlegui St., Quiapo, Manila and quickly gained prominence as Law school.


In 1926, the elder Don Simeon died – a great loss to the Institution, being its founding father. The study of Law had attracted young and brilliant minds and countless graduates had pass through its portals, many of whom became members of the Faculty of the Philippine Law School.


An impressive school building was erected along Calle Real, Intramuros, in 1953, amidst the ravages of World War II. Don Ricardo proved to be just as dynamic an administrator as his elder brother, Don Simeon. The dark years of the World War (1941-1945) had reduced our country to near total destruction, leaving this bulwark of Democracy in Asia with a ruined economy, lost of most of its beautiful traditions and cultural heritage.


The pursuit of educational had come to a standstill, and it took many years of Post-Liberation Era (from the Japanese occupation) for all schools in all levels to be able to open based on educational standards.


This noble Institution survived the challenge of time and circumstances. In 1962, Don Ricardo died, another great loss to the teaching of Law. The burden of carrying on with the Administration of this prestigious school, fell on the shoulder of the present President and Chairman of the Board of Lacson College, Simeon Rene Lacson. He transferred the school to Pasay to serve the community.


Among well known personalities of the country who have studied, taught and/or graduated from Philippine Law School are: two Presidents of the country – Pres. Carlos Garcia and Pres. Diosdado Macapagal. A long list follows: Felixberto Serrano, Rodolfo Severino and Manuel Serrano of Foreign Affairs, Pacifico Castro, Ceferino Padua, Jose Alejandro of the Office of the Solicitor General, Judges: Antonio Canizares, Conrado Sanchez, Ceferino De Los Santos, Antonio Rodriguez, Tomas Maddela, and prominent lawyers: Arturo Alafriz, Jaime Nuevas, Desiderio Jurado, Pedro Guevarra, Antonio Coronel, Pompeyo Diaz, Vicente Galang, Delfin Batacan, Mario Belisario, Jesus Razon, Ricardo Villarama, Teodolfo Yerro Jr., Antonio Navarro, Janzen Rodriguez, Kamid D. Abdul, Felipe Gojar, and Basilio Bolante.


On March 2009, Simeon Rene Lacson died, leaving leadership of the school with his children, Vittorio Lacson and Sabina Lacson.


As we look around the humble surroundings of this school, we cannot but acknowledge the efforts of its Founders and Administrators who carry on the names of the Philippine Law School and Lacson College with banners raised and in flying colors.


Gleaned from the foregoing facts, the Lacsons for the love of law, have concreted the foundation we are now into. It has built the edifice so that people left behind will continue its task of building and adding structures to its foundation. To this day despite economic crisis it has gone strong – the law school which of course we all hold in very high regard.



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